Dear Reader,

Hello and welcome! My name is Nat and you have found my blog. There may or may not be many posts on it depending on when you are reading this. This blog will go in many different directions. Thankfully things will be organized into categories to be determined later.

So I will be talking about many things including:

  • Books: Yes, I am a huge bookworm and bibliophile. My bookshelf is currently full of YA books including science fiction and realistic. I also have a small collection of manga and a few self help books.
  • Music: Also an audiophile. I was in band for 8 years and can play the flute and saxophone. I love listening to music much more than I enjoy playing it. Hopefully I can share some of my music selection with you and possibly some playlists that I enjoy compiling in my free time.
  • Food: Because who doesn’t love food? I love to cook and have a few goals to reach in my life as far as making food goes. More on that at a later date.
  • Animation: Actually, all animation will be talked about on my animation blog AnimatedNat
  • Life: We all live it. Why not talk about some of the things that make mine weird/different? This may include ideas that you do not express or wish to see and will be tagged immensely and categorized specifically if you wish to avoid certain things.
  • And anything else that may come my way.

All basic information about me can be found under the About section, including links to my other social media and how you can contact me with questions and whatnot.




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