My 2015 through pictures

2015 may be the most fun I’ve had for a while. I fell more in love with the things that I have done throughout my life (swimming and photography namely) and it took up a lot of time (s0 much so that I had an excuse to let my blog die down…) But it is now 2016 and I am back. Here’s a little of what I did in 2015.

IMG_0814January: I began my second semester of college. I was super excited for my photography class. It was a blast. The first trip we took was to the Laumeier Sculpture Park. I snagged this shot as we were all heading back to school. It’s not the best picture from that day, but it is one of my favorites.

IMG_5121February: It was a hard month. My relationship with my roommate was falling apart, the swim season was coming to an end, and I was not very healthy physically or to be honest mentally. The day after my birthday I got to go to the zoo. The cold weather never stopped the sea lions from swimming. Later that day, I arrived back at my room to find that my ex-roommate was gone.

IMG_1476March: Many more photography trips. My favorite was to the City Museum, which is always a fascinating place to explore. This picture was taken on the way to the top of a ten-story slide. Things were beginning to look better.

IMG_2083April: I was probably in my most zen-like state. The semester was almost over and at this point I was aching to go home. But classes were going great and everything was coming up Spring. This may be one of my favorite pictures. Just looking at it sends me to a relaxed state.

IMG_6223 May: The end of the semester brought me home. Along with the rising temperature came many stormy afternoons filled with dark clouds and rain. I ran to get this picture after getting off work at the pool early because of storms. Immediately after, it began to lightning, thunder, and pour.

IMG_2336June: The spring storms of May turned into a seemingly constant downpour. I only recall a few days in June where the temperatures were at or above average and the sun was shining. Most days ended up looking like this.

IMG_6900July: When the clouds finally receded and the weather was closer to normal, the swallowtail caterpillars returned to our dill garden. I did not get pictures nearly as good as from previous years. I did get pictures with more interesting content. Note the exoskeleton this guy just shed still hanging from his tail-end.

IMG_2753 August: I saw some interesting things at the Lantern Festival at the Botanical Gardens. Arriving just before sunset gave an excellent view as the sun went down and the lights came on. I took many pictures that day, filled up my SD card and caused my camera and phone battery to die before calling it a night.

BalloonFestival0004September: I was back to school and experiencing more than I had previously in a city I am still just discovering. While I have heard from others that this year’s Balloon Glow was unusual, I found beauty in the simplicity of the baskets without the giant balloons. It was also fun to see that all of these people gathered around the flames despite the windy conditions. It was magical.

IMG_7809October: Warmer-than-average temperatures meant fall was a little late arriving. This is one of the first days I could see the leaves on campus begin to change. With the sun right overhead, I realized how much I love the school I go to. I did not have much time to take pictures because every weekend was filled with swimming. This is one instance where I was able to catch a breath and enjoy nature.


November: I can’t believe my sister (right) is a senior this year. While this was not her pick for her photo, it is one that surprised me. I spent a large amount of my younger teens flipping through the fashion magazines. For some reason, this strikes me as something that would be seen in one of those magazines (as an ad or something probably).

Blondie Vs ChristmasDecember: At the beginning of the month, I was fed up with a particular class and just sick of school. Once I got home, that anger I felt subsided and I was able to relax, crash, and watch entirely too much HGTV. A few days before Christmas I caught my cat playing under the tree and could not resist grabbing my camera. How I love this photogenic little cutie (no matter how big her pupils get – she seriously looks demonic).

So here’s to 2015, a year of renewal and growth. And also here’s to a new year full of experiences and events I wouldn’t miss for the world.




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