I have been meaning to post on here more often than I have thus far. 2016 is off to an interesting start and if I can sum up things with one word its percolation. Now I know the word is meant to be used in terms of coffee making and talks about water passing through the grinds to produce the outcome: coffee. Well, my mind is in a percolation period right now. There’s been a lot to process in these past two months.

I have had two doctors appointments (asthma then allergy) to try and get my health to be better. The first one got me a new inhaler (yay) and took four vials of blood (it hurt a lot). A week later and I discovered that I was low on vitamin D which is necessary for general health as well as healthy bones. Cue the once weekly boost to my diet of pills. Then I scheduled an appointment with the allergist to get shots for some of my more major allergies. That one went well and I will get my first injections in a week or two.

I also turned 20 less than a week ago and am still failing to process it. I’m no longer a teenager. There’s suddenly a 2 in a 10  year long spot in my age. I don’t feel old. I just feel weird. Jokingly I have entered a void. Too young to be considered a twenty-something, too old to be a teenager. This is the void.

But February also brought along the inevitable end to my sophomore swim season. The last meet I will share with two of my teammates including my lane mate for the past two years. Change is always coming, but this one is exciting and bittersweet (the other is my former roommate, who I am happy to never see again since she’s no longer on the team). There were some things that occurred throughout the season that leave a sour pit in my stomach. One of them happened in February. I swam the fly in both relays and did really good (for me at least). This may be the start of something different and I’m not sure I like it.

I have been trying to keep up relationships that are falling apart and for two months nothing is helping. Every time I try to let this relationship go, they try to spark it again. Including sending me a birthday present after not speaking to me for months. Like that could make anything better. Just to go back to not talking to me. I may be a little salty. Or a lot salty. Oh well, they’ll never see this. Or even know I’m talking about them. Such a dense person.

Since I do not want to end on a negative, I will talk about books. I have read 6 so far this year (I will make a separate post/page about this). But there are some really good books coming this year. And I can’t wait to read them!





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