Games Wizards Play and Asexuality

Last week I finished the most recent book in a series I have been reading since I was 12. It was the tenth book in the series and the previous book came out in 2011. The book was Games Wizards Play by Diane Duane.

As stated, I have been following this series for a long time. I loved the characters and the plots and everything about the world. I knew I would fall in love with the most recent section of Nita and Kit’s story.

Then something caught me off guard.

It was toward the end of the book in the chapter about the Post-Semis mixer. There are some characters that we don’t know much about at the beginning. The two that come to mind are Matt and Tessa, relatively new characters to the story. The bulk of the book focuses on the relationships between wizards. Nita and Kit are still unsure of their feelings for each other after the end of the ninth book. If you ever want to read this book, you may want to avoid the rest of this post.


****Slight Spoilers Below****

In the scene, Nita is talking with Tessa. She went outside to escape some tension that was building in the mixer. She is having problems with Penn and Kit. Tessa claimed to be the wrong person to ask about relationship problems. Then Tessa told Nita that she was Asexual. And I almost burst into tears.

It was introduced into the story so simply and bluntly I couldn’t help but absolutely love it. Tessa’s Asexuality wasn’t the butt of a joke. It wasn’t some major plot device or turning point in the story. It was stated and then they moved on. There were also some hints that the planetary incarnation of Pluto was also asexual, but sexuality is difficult when it comes to planets.

Let’s get back to  Tessa. As stated, I was on the brink of tears of joy. I read a lot of books. Where the main characters are all sorts. But this is the first that was actually out as Asexual. I have my head-cannons about other characters (Magnus Chase?) but this is the first one where I wasn’t making it up. It was there. In the story. Finally a cannon ace character. In a book series that I have been reading since I was 12. That’s eight years of reading nine books, no idea of what would come next. It is great.

***End Spoilery Section***


There are some things that I recently realized I absolutely hate in books:

  1. Overtly romance and sex based plots.
  2. Making a fuss out of a character’s sexuality (i.e. plot device)
  3. The protagonist having a significant other when it has no place in the story.

but that lead to a bigger complaint:


because that’s unnecessary.


I am really glad I read this book. I realize that I now know how to slip in someone’s sexuality without making a big deal out of it. And I may just write a book because of that. Or at least attempt to write a book.

Thank you Diane Duane. Your books have been a big part of my childhood. The most recent book (Games Wizards Play) will have a special place in my mind and on my shelf. I cannot wait to see what’s next.





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