Reread: The Raven Boys

It’s been three years since I first picked up the (e)book for The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. I have never been one to reread a book, but I decided I would reread all of the Raven Chronicles before The Raven King’s release at the end of April. There will be spoilers in this post, so if you have not read The Raven Boys  I suggest you read it. Now.

Now onto the book.

I have never experienced a more captivating reread of a book. Knowing what was going to happen almost made it more fun to read. I was also recalling the points in the book that caused me to stay up late when I first read it. Including almost staying up until 2 a.m. again to finish the book after a certain point (I will explain in the spoiler section).

Recently, I haven’t been captivated by many books. I have a stack of books I started and never finished. And a book I haven’t read in three years (and tried to read again several times) was able to captivate me in the exact same way as it did when I first grabbed it.


I noticed so much more in this reread. It is probably because I know what’s happening. Also because I’m not drugged up and sick this time. I should explain that I was recovering from bronchitis when I first read the book. I only finished the last 200+ pages at 2:30 a.m. because the medication kept me up all night.

Within the first 50 pages, I had my first ‘how did I not notice this’ moment. It’s in chapter four when Declan is giving his girlfriend a tour of Monmouth. When Ashely (Declan’s girlfriend) is introduced to Noah, she comments on his cold hands. To which he replies “I’ve been dead for seven years. That’s as warm as they get.” (page 47). He really did tell them he was dead, they just didn’t listen. Later on it’s explained that Noah sometimes came across to Whelk (ew. I know right) as funny when he was being completely serious.

Throughout the book, Noah is also described as being crumpled and blurry (before the gang realizes that he actually is dead. He appears several times when they think he’s back at Monmouth. Really, most of the book was full of ‘why didn’t they realize Noah was a ghost sooner’ moments, but also ‘Ronan is totally obsessed with Adam’ moments.

I completely forgot that Ronan mentioned in the last chapter that Chainsaw the raven came from his dream. It was an incredible way to introduce the second book (which focuses on Ronan and the abilities he possesses).  Also Ronan is a much more likable character the second time around.

I still don’t completely understand Cabeswater. But I get the feeling that we’re not supposed to.

Things I think may come into play in The Raven King that were mentioned in The Raven Boys

  • Neeve. When she disappears and the gang is talking with Maura, they mention the mirrors. Maura and the psychics caused Neeve to disappear. They ended the conversation by saying the may reappear at some point.
  • Kissing. Blue will probably kiss someone (other than the kiss in The Dream Theives). And one of them may die from it…. *cough* Gansey *cough*.
  • Noah’s ghost-ness. I feel like there may be an option to bring Noah back to life. Or something like that. When (if) the gang finds Glendower.
  • Adam as Cabeswater’s physical form. There is still something about this that confuses me as I don’t know exactly what happened (I’m not sure the characters do either.) I feel like it will definitely have more to do in the last book, while it did have a part in the other books, it almost has to have something to do in the final book.
  • Gansey’s bee and wasp allergy. If he doesn’t die from Blue’s kiss, he will die from a bee/wasp sting. I can feel it.


One book down, two more to go before I am ready for the final book in the series. Next up is The Dream Thieves. I will be writing a post for this one too. It will hopefully be in a week or so. But that depends on school.

All in all, I absolutely love this series. Following the pattern, the last book will focus on Gansey. (The first book was Adam, the second was Ronan, the third was Blue. This means that they were just the main focus or the character impacted the most by the events of the book. I didn’t count Noah because spoilers.)

Unapologetically, Nat.


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