Reread: The Dream Theives

The second part of my three-part reread of the Raven Chronicles is complete. I only vaguely remember half of this one. Most of the parts I remember directly continue in Blue Lily, Lily Blue (which I will have to hold off on reading until I finish a book for class). I didn’t make as many notes going though as I did with the Raven Boys (is that a good thing?).

Through the book, I have remained on the “Kill Gansey” side of things. Because I like it when series carry out with their promises and someone actually dies (and stays dead). There was a bit in the middle of the book that made me want to switch to the “Save Gansey” but it was a fluttering moment.

I really enjoy that this series is one that you can put off for a year and still pick up and read the next book. There are no major cliffhangers. Yet the final line of each book leads headfirst into the next, for those who would rather devour the series in a short amount of time.

TDT focused primarily on Ronan (oh, Ronan) and his powers as a Graywaren. He can pull things out of his dreams. Sometimes, these things are good. Like Chainsaw. Other times he pulls things out that come from the darkest part of him. Those creepy things that are never given a name.

But the book also dealt a lot with relationships. Those fraying, the ones being built, and the one-sided ones. It partially seems like a book one could pick up without having read TRB. (Something I have done on countless other series, including the Mortal Instruments. It was do-able, but not recommended.)

So on to some of the more spoilery parts of the book.


Kavinsky is literally the scum of the earth. He’s a monster. In the first book, when we thought Ronan was bad and Whelk was terrible, Kavinsky makes himself at home as the spawn of satan. He is the dream thief.

Now that I got that out of the way, I could list all of the reasons why Ronan is now my favorite character in the series.

I really like how the book talked about the fact that Gansey and Ronan suffer from insomnia. It draws them together while still splitting them apart. Gansey is the scholar, who stays up with books and his notes when he cannot sleep. Ronan is the adventurer who goes looking for trouble. Gansey is never said to have  a fear of sleep while Ronan seems terrified of his own dreams in the beginning.

The first time Ronan brought something out of his dreams, it was flowers. Something that seems to be the opposite of Ronan, the sharp jagged-edged boy. But it paints a picture of the fact that he is not as tough as he appears. And he mentions that his dreams are mostly in Latin (a fact that later had me bringing up Google Translate to see what his dreams were saying)

I belive there is something that ties Cabeswater and the Graywaren together. The trees speak latin. But it also makes the connection between Adam and Ronan more distinguished. In TRB it mentions that Ronan is at the top of thier class in Latin, followed directly by Adam. Both are something magical and ancient. (Let’s face it. In every way imaginable, these two are shipped). Not to mention the epilogue…

The Gray Man, Mr. Gray, Alan, whatever you want to call is an interesting story in the book. He came to Henrietta in search of the Graywaren (which he thought was an objet at first). He was prepared to kill anyone who stood in his way (reluctantly of course). But he changes almost as soon as he meets Maura and the 300 Fox Way ladies. He has this tough exterior with a poet’s soul (wow. that sounded cheesy).

I don’t have the patience to flip through the book right now (I had a problem with underlining). But I did want to bring something up.

Could Ronan potentially give Noah a body? 

Since we know that Niall Lynch dreamt his wife into existence, Kavinsky dreamt Prokopenko, and Ronan dreamt his younger brother Matthew into existence (or is that revealed in BLLB?). Would it be possible for Ronan to dream up a body that Noah’s soul could take over and make his own? I believe so, but we’ll just have to wait 16 more days to find out if it happens in the book. These are the thoughts that crossed my mind after the kissing lessons Blue had with Noah. Since he’s a ghost and therefor cannot die from her kiss (it was kinda sad).

***End Spoilers***

This is by no means my favorite book of the series. That title still belongs to TRB, though I will give TDT and Blue Lily props for being able to trump TRB in the weirdness factor. I will read Blue Lily sometime in the next 16 days (it shouldn’t take too long to read). And then prepare for Gansey’s death. Yay.

Until the next book.

Unapologetically, Nat



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