Study Abroad Update 1: Planes, Trains and Walking

I haven’t posted in a while (again). So a quick update: I finished Blue Lily Lily Blue and did a rather terrible job of actually taking notes. I also finished the Raven King and must reread it soon because I absorbed it the first time. I also finished my semester at school and decided to study abroad in Switzerland, though not in that order.

The first three days have gone swimmingly. Which means that at some point, something usually happens to disrupt your flow and when it does, it makes everything a bit weird.



The first part of my journey began as any trip would. The arrival at the train station signified that I was (finally) going to travel and explore away from the ever-watchful eye of my parents. I was nervous, of course. But confidence is the first key to success and I was confident in myself and my ability to make friends. I met someone as soon as I stepped into the airport and we’ve been together for most of what has occurred, so far.

blah blah blah, airport security, blah blah blah, sitting until it was time to load, blah blah blah, the plane was late….

We ended up sitting by two other students for the trip (this plane had max 30 rows of seating) And we met someone else in the airport. So our little group landed in Toronto for a six hour layover in which little was done, food was eaten, and reading was avoided.

Little did I know the stress of a seven hour flight was going to be the least of my worries. The plane before ours boarded late (like pushing back our boarding and takeoff an hour). We didn’t have  much wiggle room once we landed, but we didn’t think anything of it until we landed.

Upon landing in Zurich, we were told that all passengers seeking a connection to Lugano were to go to terminal A. There were 20 minutes until the plane took of and an entire airport to cross. And it was raining. Our hopes were high as we sprinted to find the next gate.

And then came the downfall. We had been rebooked since the flight was leaving promptly or overbooked or something. None of the planes heading that way for the rest of the day were available. So we ended up maneuvering our way to the Zurich Train station where our train was waiting to take us to our destination.

Long story short: Our plane experience was not good. The Lugano flight was cancelled. Our bags went missing for 24+ hours (around 30 maybe?). We were given tickets to get on the next train to Lugano.

8597-8f15-af03-c9d3 Trains

I was super excited to hear about the train. I really hate flying (I wrote a poem about it, maybe I’ll post it on here). A train that never leaves the ground is so much better than a plane. But it’s a lot slower. And without wifi (#firstWorldProbs) we couldn’t contact the people at school, our parents, or anyone else for that matter.

Pros: There was food in the train station, I got some. Fanta Lemonade is amazing.

Cons: A four hour train ride vs. a 48 minute flight. We were dead tired and looking forward to napping before having to meet everyone.

Super ultimate con: Our luggage was somewhere different than we were. And there was not idea when(if) we would get it back . So there’s that.

Super Ultimate Pro: By not flying, I was able to stay away from one thing I fear greatly: Airplanes. Along with seeing a lot of beautiful area between Zurich and Lugano, my feet were always on top of solid ground and supported by what it was on.

Second Day_0703_0045

We arrived in Lugano safely after getting the airport personnel on the search for our missing luggage, catching the train,  and having a beautiful journey (with a few naps on the train). YAY! Our long distance travel was done for the month!


I have walked so much in the past few days my phone started keeping track in miles rather than steps. Since waking up on July 1, I have walked a combined total of 18 and a half miles. This makes up for my lack of swimming just a little bit.

And the walking is worth it. Despite the hills that have killed my calves and feet, everything is so neat.

I am experiencing so many new things and classes haven’t started. In the past few days, I have experienced things unfathomable to high school freshman me.

The food is amazing, the lake is within reasonable walking distance of school, and I have actually made friends with more people from school (something my mom may call a miracle).

I have yet to go swimming (it may be the second longest time I have gone without a pool). And I hope to do so soon. Next Update may come out soon. There will be anywhere from four to 10 coming.

Chao from another country,





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